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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dominic Signs A Book

My first book signing event which was held at Barnes & Noble in Hendersonville was a huge success. My book signing buddy, family and friends were there to share this momentous occasion with me. Dominic, my grandson stood close by the table watching kids accompanied by their parents bringing their copies of ‘Dominic Ties His Shoes’ to be signed. Several parents when introduced to Dominic asked him if he was the Dominic in the book. When Dominic grinned widely and acknowledged that yes indeed he was the one and the same they asked if he would like to sign the book along with me. He shyly agreed and very carefully signed each book. Needless to say Dominic was both embarrassed and overjoyed to find that kids wanted to read a book about his struggles and ultimate triumph over learning to tie his shoes.

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