Miracles Happen

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dominic lost another tooth, this time in school.  The school nurse gave him a tooth shaped container to keep it in.  He was so excited he had his dad bring him right over after school to show me.
With great pomp and circumstance he opened the container. Pulling out his tooth, and holding it between his index finger and thumb he presented his prize to me announcing that he would be receiving a visit from the Tooth Fairy that night. (I visualized Duane Johnson, sporting his fairy wings and dressed in those cute tights, sneaking up to Dom’s bed to gently remove his tooth replacing it with a nice crisp one dollar bill! LOL)

I find it amusing how children can jump from being apprehensive, “No! Don’t pull my tooth! It’s going to hurt!”, to jubilation when they pull the money out from under their pillow. “Look mom! The tooth fairy left me a dollar!” Talk about inflation! My sister and I only got 25¢ per tooth.


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